InnovateOut Digital & Design | The importance of having fresh, fascinating and unique website content
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The importance of having fresh, fascinating and unique website content

Why Is it Important To Have Fresh, Unique Website Content ?

In her famous book ‘A wrinkle in time’. Margret L’Engle talks about how the lack of uniqueness leads to monotonous conformity to create only the essential rather than the exemplary. This is especially true when it comes to creating new websites. Your website is your digital avatar.


Every update you make on it is a stentorian proclamation of your unique personality, identity and your unique selling. Consequently, you don’t want your website to be counted as ‘one among the many chickens.’ You need to make it stand out. In this regard, your success of turning around your website from a dilapidated digital ghost town to clicker hot spot, depends largely on the quality and the uniqueness of your content. Let’s face it, no person or search engine is going want to visit your site if what you have to offer is as stale as moldy cheese.


Original and intriguing content is your golden ticket to a get a high website ranking by a search engine.

Quality content ensures a higher search engine indexing. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to constantly update your website with fresh, unique content. To be part of a search engine loop is to be where the ‘party’s at’.


Think of search engines as your ‘digital bouncers’ that scrutinize every aspect of your webpage before they take the velvet rope down and let you into their elite list. In the recent past, all you had to do to get a gold star from a search engine was to make sure that you had all your relevant keywords listed on your page. But now, the rules of the game have completely changed.


While keywords still hold weight, originality and quality are also crucial in the decision making process. Posting unoriginal or duplicate content will cost your website its high rank on the web and will not attract a lot of web traffic.


Difference is what keeps your readers coming back for more.

Most web contents are a spin-off on what has already been posted elsewhere. While this is not always a bad thing, using, words phrases and content that has been circulated around so much is as boring as the phrase ‘pulling a rabbit out of the hat’. Nothing kills a website faster than the lack of readers.


Unique content is like marking your website with a fluorescent marker. You are sure to stand out in the crowd.  In a shopping aisle, people instinctively pick products that jump out at them rather than the ones that sit unremarkably on the shelves with a proverbial hand pointing to the exit saying “Nothing unique to see here, keep moving.”  Therefore, if you do not want your readers yawning every time they visit your page, you should be able to provide a unique, and a fresh twist to what you post in your webpage. Additionally, you need to constantly keep it updated. Otherwise, it will be like pulling the trigger on yourself.


The uniqueness of your content is your own personal stamp.

Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer and David Lettermen all do the same job. Yet each of them have their own unique handprint on the wall. This is pretty much what unique content does for you. The quality of your post is your only leverage against  your competitors. Your content defines you.


It tells your visitors what you do and give them an insight into your unique perspective. Duplicating contents and posts from other websites somehow diminishes your own unique brand of quirkiness and style. This is a big no-no in the digital world. Repeated content is like riding a mechanical bull. It becomes predictable after a while. However, fresh, well written content keeps you glued till the end.


Fresh and creative content leads to better market value.

What you have to tell and the way you tell it; both of them makes a big impact in the market. If you have fresh, non-curated content to offer, then you can be sure that people will come clamoring to your webpage. Additionally, the way you present your fresh content determines just how many yards you are willing to throw the stick to bring in a high customer turnover. No one would want to visit your site unless you convince them that you have something indispensable to offer.


This is where you can get your unique content to work for you. It doesn’t even have to be a groundbreaking idea; If you dress it pretty and professional in your own unique way, you can be sure that you website is going to be a hit with your online viewers.


In conclusion, getting your content right is a one shot deal. People tend to make spontaneous judgments. No one is going to read your page cover to cover. If they don’t like what they read in the first ten seconds, they are most likely going to give you the heave-ho without a second thought. First  impression counts.  Refurbishing your website content frequently with fresh interesting and unique updates ensures that you keep yourself on the top echelons of the digital search hierarchy.

Cormac Kelly About the author

Cormac M. Kelly is a seasoned professional in the areas of Business Development, Digital Strategy and Creative Design. Cormac is founder and CEO of the InnovateOut Digital Agency (@InnovateOutCome) . Cormac has published articles on Digital Strategy, Content Management and Mobile Marketing Techniques & Technologies. He has also spoken as a keynote speaker on these topics and continues to explore innovations in Content Strategies, Sales & Marketing Automation from around the web.